Magnonics 2019 is the 6th in a series of biennial conferences aimed at presenting and discussing recent achievements in both fundamental and applied aspects of magnon and spin wave dynamics and nanomagnetism, putting together researchers from Universities, public Research Institutions and companies working in the field of Magnonics and Spintronics. The conference will be organized at Riva Marina Resort Conference center close to the nature reserve of Torre Guaceto on the Adriatic sea. The resort has private beach as well as swimming pools for adults and children.
Conference topics:

  • spin torque switching and spin torque nano-oscillators.
  • static and dynamic spin Hall and spin-orbital torques.
  • spin injection and spin-dependent tunneling
  • magnetization dynamics and damping.
  • magnonic, spintronic, spin-caloritronic and multiferroic materials.
  • excitations in magnetic skyrmions.
  • spin-wave logic, artificial crystals for spin waves and magnonic applications.

Tutorial session will be held on Sunday 28th July in the evening:

Julie Grollier – CNRS/Thales, “Neuromorphic computing with spin-torque nano-oscillators

Axel Hoffman – Argonne National Laboratory, “Spintronics: Quo Vadis?

Luqiao Liu – MIT, “Interactions between spin wave and magnetic domain structures